About the Certification

The Swiss AI Association (SAIA) is an independent and community driven non-profit organization building tangible governance tools for trustworthy, safe, and fair Artificial Intelligence (AI).SAIA’s primary objective is to develop the a Certification Program, one of the world’s first responsible and ethical  AI (certifyAI) certification programs, to support organizations as they deploy and scale AI systems.
As AI systems are becoming increasingly prevalent, governments, companies, and civil society organizations are grappling with approaches to govern AI systems in a consistent manner. Recent research has suggested that certification programs for AI could serve as an important complement to laws and regulations. Organizations around the world have put forward responsible AI principles. Accordingly, a general, international consensus on what constitutes responsible AI has emerged.
The “CertifyAI”  Certification Program takes the guesswork out of what it means to be ethical and responsible, by translating globally adopted principles, standards, and regulations into clear implementation requirements. CertifyAI Certification benefits all stakeholders by setting a clear bar for global best practices to implement AI responsibly. CertifyAi certification benefits global regulators by enabling compliance and alignment with their regulatory approaches. Additionally, it benefits investors, executives, and compliance/procurement officers by providing assurance that their AI systems are built on recognized global best practices. Meanwhile, it benefits consumers (who are often “data subjects” of the AI system) by helping protect their privacy rights and civil liberties. The CertifyAI  Certification Program is based on a maturity assessment that evaluates AI systems. Recognizing that not all AI systems are the same, the program tailors its tests to specific industries and functions.
CertifyAI’s initial focus industries and functions are: finance, health care, HR, and procurement.
Relying on input and validation from these industries and others, SAIA continually tests its assessment on AI systems and validates these test results through a multidisciplinary community of industry experts, policymakers, academics, and other subject matter experts  Informed by those researching, designing, building, deploying, using, and overseeing AI, the CertifyAI team has aggregated
extensive information to understand:

- What ethical and responsible AI is.
- Why we need trustworthy, ethical and responsible AI.
- How certification can support responsible AI adoption.ntent
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