Event Agenda

Friday, 25th of November

17:00 Hackathon Kick-off & AI Certification Goals,

(Rok Zaloznik, Swiss AI Association)

17:10  EU AI Act - Top  3 things one needs to know , (Marcus Bagdassarian, Swiss AI Association)

17:20 Reaching the Digitally Divided: A Proposed Equation for Responsible AI, Paige Lord (Harvard, USA)

17:40 Monitoring AI Development in Switzerland, David Marti (Pour Demain)

18:00 Addressing Data Bias in AI (Igor Susmelj, Lightly.ai)

18:20 Psychological insights with AI - how to ensure validity, objectivity and reliability - (Simon Tsch├╝rtz, 100 Worte)

18:40 AWS Well-Architected ML, Yevgeniy Ilyin, AWS

19:00 Roundtable - Trustworthy & Ethical AI Challenges (Sergali Adilbekov, Swiss AI Association)

19:40 Day 1 Summary and day 2 Challenge presentation

Saturday 26th of November

10:00 Kick off and task presentations, Rok Zaloznik, SAIA

Working sessions (Pilars):

10:30 - 11:30 Data (Moderator: Pavol Bielik, LatticeFlow)

11:30 - 12:30 Model (Moderator: Mateo Rojas Carulla, Lakera AI)

12:30 - 13:30 Process & Governance (Moderator: Rok Zaloznik (SwissAIA)

14:00 Presentation of results and next steps

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