Let your AI Solution stand out by showing off with the certification!

Let your AI Application stand out by showing off with the certification!

Learn from the mistakes of others

Let the AI community and their experience lead the way.

Futureproof your application

Learn what you need to do, to be successfull in long term

Enjoy the best practices

We offer professional help in getting you certified.

Join the club and insider network

You will be part of the exclusive group of companies, sharing regulatory AI experience..

Data,  Model, Process, Governance, Ethics

Data Management

How do you manage your training Data? Is it non-biased?


Is there a structured Governance process?


How robust is your model? Is it optimized?

AI Ethics

IIs the solution aligned with the Ethical AI Initiatives?


Can you backtrack on how te prediction was made

Our Team of Experts Are Standing By

Let us help you bring your AI Application to a new level

Experts from Technical and Legal fields are here to help.

Talk to us how you can:

Certify your AI solution?
Show Benefits for users
Apply (proposed) legislation
Obtain and renew the certificate
Cooperate with us to establish best practices in AI Certification

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